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Solutions: Associations and CME

When you have an Association to run you are tied at the hip to your Association Management system. For many Associations this is the central hub of all operations. Some are off the shelf and some are deeply customized. Either way, Thinking Cap can deeply integrate with your AMS so sales flow threw the AMS shopping backet and Activity Completions flow back to the AMS. The AMS is often the source of SSO and user account management. We have existing integrations and experience with iMIS, Aptify, NetForum and Personify. More, we integrate with 3rd party Credit Providers ACPE, BPS and ARDMS for auto credit reporting.


  • Advanced eCommerce including Standalone or integrated Shopping basket with Pricing Rules for different groups and multiple payment options like Coupons, Tokens and Passes.
  • Advanced Certification models including Multiple Credit Issuing Providers each with their own Credit Categories and Issuance rules.
  • Multi-Tenant Capabilities for Component Organizations and Special Programs like Annual Conferences.
  • Segmented Roles and Permissions to spread the administrative load and ensure tight security at all times.
  • Associations are some of the most challenging learning communities. They need complex Credit issuing rules and they run multiple ongoing programs with deferring access rules and Thinking Cap allows them all.


We have multiple Product offerings can Thinking Cap support them all?
Yes, In addition to the built in Activity Types Thinking Cap allows you to create your own types with their own template structures so you can.

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