Learner Experience

Completely customize your learner journey from branding to content and more.

While most Learning Management Systems allow you to change the logo and palette, Thinking Cap provide full control over your learner journey that goes beyond cookie cutter pages. In fact, did you know you were in the Thinking Cap LMS right now?

Customized Learner Journeys

Thinking Cap LMS offers a highly personalized and engaging learner experience, catering to individual needs and preferences while promoting effective learning.

Branding Customization

Customize the interface with different layout and color schemes to align with organizational branding or individual learner preferences.

Custom Pages

Create your own pages! Don't settle for out-of-the-box pages when you can create your own with your own content, and a custom activity list.

Custom Sitemaps and Menus

Modify navigation menus using a simple drag and drop tool to include or exclude specific pages, providing a streamlined and user-friendly learning experience.

Personalized Dashboards

Tailor learner dashboards to display relevant information such as course progress, upcoming events, and personal achievements, ensuring each learner has a unique and focused view.

Personalized Course Catalog

Customize the course catalog view to highlight recommended or mandatory courses based on the learner’s profile, making course selection intuitive and relevant.

Widget Configuration

Add, remove, or rearrange widgets on the learner dashboard, allowing for quick access to essential tools and resources.

Profile Customization

Enable learners to personalize their profiles with a profile picture, bio, and personal information, fostering a sense of ownership and engagement.

Multi-Language and Localization Support

¿No hablan Inglés? Not to worry. Support for over 20 languages and localized content will cater to your diverse learner populations.


Use our tools to apply your own vocabulary so your learners don't have to learn a new language to navigate the LMS.


Allowing learners to register? Customize registration and account approval process and communications.

Custom URLs

Purchase a new domain or extend your organization's existing domain to direct to your LMS (e.g., learning.mycompany.com).

Designed for you

Our team of L&D and UX specialists will design your learner view for you... it is included in your onboarding into Thinking Cap.

Scroll down to see how some of our example learner experiences.

Audience Segmentation... as many learner views as you need

Your Thinking Cap LMS is built as a tree of domains that can have as many or as few domains and sub-domains as you need, depending on your learning audience. Think of each domain as a mini-LMS that can have its own users, courses, learning paths, and custom fields. Best of all, you can apply unique branding and site maps to each domain for unique learner experiences (LX). You can discreetly track each domain, separate them with firewalls, brand them, and assign unique URLs for access.

Segmented users

Specific group of learners and administrators for further security.

Learning activities

Deliver different activities to your learner with their own enrollment rules.


Track and report on learner progress at the domain-level.

Different integrations

Integrate with different systems from SSO to webinar providers; payment providers to Google Analytics.

Customized experience

Present different branding, pages, and more for your the segmented user audience all through a different URL.

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