Employee Training and Compliance

Solutions: Employee Training and Compliance

Training your staff is one of the primary uses of any LMS. But all LMS are not created equal. Thinking Cap is capable of onboarding tens of thousands of users a day and making sure each gets enrolled into the right Activities based on User Custom Fields and Sophisticated and Reusable Rule sets.

But not everything is prescriptive. For self discovery Thinking Cap supports the creation of custom catalogues, again with many options for configuration and filtering.

And once a user is enrolled and completed their work we can set a Certification Period for a group of Activities or a single one and maintain a notification period as well so Learners can reenroll in items before they expire. We can trigger autoenrollment based on a date in the Learner’s profile. We can also stager enrollments so groups of users get enrolled at the same time. Working with our clients, and in particular, with Amazon we have created the most robust Enrollment systems available in an LMS.


  • Reusable Rules for Enrollment including Exclusion Rules and Auto Withdrawal Rules.
  • Advanced Certification Management and Reporting
  • Multiple configurable Notifications to drive Learners to Completion
  • Many Activity Types and the ability to create your own custom types.
  • Learning Paths to create elaborate curriculum
  • Custom Surveys and Feedback


Can I have multiple ways for a Learner to achieve my objectives?
Yes, Equivalencies allow for many ways for many Activities to stand in for a single objective. Equivalences also reduce the management time updating Learning Paths when new instances of ILTs are created.

How many Learners can Thinking Cap manage in a single instance?
We have clients with a few thousand learners and some with well over a million. The Scaling Thinking Cap is capable of means no limit to the size organization we can manage or the number of simultaneous accesses we can support.

Can individual Supervisors be involved in the Learning life of their direct reports?
Absolutely, we have tools for Supervisors to have complete visibility over their learners and to assign adhoc training as required. In addition, all reports can be cc’d to supervisors and Supervisors can get weekly or month digests of Learner progress.

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