Excellence in Accreditation

Features: Excellence in Accreditation

Accreditation is complicated. Making sure you can trust in the skills and competencies in your organization is one of the great drivers of LMS adoption. Thinking Cap has served Associations and Highly regulated Medical and Pharmaceutical Organizations for over a decade. This experience shows in the rich Accreditation tools we can provide.

Automated Accreditation

Maintain accreditations automatically by setting an expiration. Allow the LMS to manage the process of re-enrolling your learners and notifying them in advance.

High Fidelity Credit Issuing and Reporting

Thinking Cap allows you to define any number of Credit Providers. Each Provider may have any number of Credit Categories and rules around how credits may be issued. After working for many years within the Continuing Education community we have developed the richest credit issuing system of any LMS. Many unique scenarios are supported in Thinking Cap including:

  • Settings for if credits are automatically issued upon completion or if credits must be claimed by the user.

  • Settings to allow for deciding if a smaller number of credits than the maximum may be issued or claimed?

  • Allowing issuing of credits uniquely to Learners across multiple categories while enforcing a set maximum.

  • Set System wide limits to control how many Credits can be earned in an hour, a day or a ILT Session.

  • Define rules to assign credits to Facilitators, Reviewers and Speakers.

  • Define the increments of credits that may be issued to 3 decimal places.

And as our customers find new scenarios, we will be there to support them. Add to this a track record and willingness to develop the needed Web Services for reporting to your Accreditation Partners and you will see why Thinking Cap is the fastest growing Association LMS.

Certificates of Completion

Thinking Cap allows you to create any number of PDF Certificates and gives you total control over the look, feel and content of those certificates.

More than just creating certificates we give you ultimate control over how they are issued. Thinking Cap gives you the power to assign one or more Certificates to users based on rules about who those users are and their performance in the Activity.

Open Badges

Award Badges that can travel with your learners. Reward accomplishments with 100% verifiable digital badges. Where Certificates are formal Badges are great to for skills acquisition and general support of Learner achievements. Thinking Cap fully supports the Open Badge Standard and can let you Sign and “bake” your own badges. Learn more about Open Badges.


Accreditation can form a web of dependencies to drive the skills development journey. Thinking Cap support’s detailed Prerequisite rule sets that allow for rules based on achievement, “freshness” as well as a mix of optional and required Prerequisites. Prerequisites can be created for subsequent enrollments as well to support re-accreditation.

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