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Comprehensive Reporting

This image is the report summary modal

Thinking Cap’s  inbuilt learning analytics engine gives a deeper insight into your learning program, so that you can demonstrate value and support key decisions with real data. Thinking Cap reporting system allows you to efficiently track training efficiency, its effectiveness and engagement in real time. 

This image is the completion report.

Add filters such as "job title" and "hierarchy" to filter your results even further

You can filter by enrolment date and choose the date range

These reports give a list of the completion status for all Learners in a group or Learning Paths or Courses. Inversely a report can be defined that focuses on all the Completion Status of Learning Paths and Courses for a set group of Learners.

The System Access report allows to filter specific results for learner activity

How are Learners using the system? Are Learners coming once in a while or are they constantly accessing Thinking Cap? Target individuals and groups with this report to look at system use and traffic patterns.

The LMS contains a wide range of Metadata fields, both built-in and custom to the organization. This report lets you look at how this descriptive data is being filled out by Users, Course and other Objects in the system.

These reports give a list of courses purchased by selected Learners or a list of Learners in the selected domains, having purchased the selected courses.

These reports give a list of the Learners whose Courses or Learning Paths expired or are set to expire in a time interval.

These reports give a list of global tokens created or redeemed by the selected users.

Generate a report on which users have completed the required prerequisites for the selected courses or learning paths. Additionally, a report can be generated listing which courses and learning paths the selected users have completed the required prerequisites for.

These reports give a list of sign-off activities for the selected Learning Paths, Learners who completed the activities and who signed-off for each activity.

See what users completed a Course in a specific time interval or with a specified score.

Data at your Fingertips

Thinking Cap's reports are highly customizable and allow you to hide and show columns that are relevant. Use the reports to track learner's progression, exam results, history of training and lots more, right when you require it!

In Your Inbox

At Thinking Cap we’ve made it extremely simple for you to create reports only your team needs and schedule recurring reports for an automatic delivery list of recipients. Additionally, you can target certain groups of users to share your customized reports with!

View, Print, Export

Thinking Cap reports allow administrators to easily navigate reports in their intuitive and customizable dashboard . Easily view reports on-screen, print or export reports as Excel or XML.

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